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Hi. My name is Jesse Andrews. I am the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. I am also a dog who can type. Specifically, a corgi. I am a corgi who can type intelligible prose. It's sort of incredible that this isn't a bigger story, but whatever. I can do without the publicity. Anyway, I encourage you to read my book. If I was going to be obnoxious and in-your-face about the I-am-a-dog thing, this is where I would make some kind of labored dog-related pun, like, "It's a RUFF read!" But that's some played-out human garbage, and I am not going to go there. Also, that pun doesn't even make sense.
♥☠ Monday, June 18 ☠♥
Think back to your high school years. Remember how much life sucked back then? What? You’re in high school now? Oh.
an awesome blurb about Me & Earl for IndieBound by Walter Petryk, Community Bookstore, Park Slope, Brooklyn


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